Native American Agriculture Fast Track Fund (NAAFTF)

Welcome to the application process to seek grant funding for the one-time cy pres distribution from the Keepseagle v. Vilsack Settlement Agreement also known as the Native American Agriculture Fast Track Fund (NAAFTF). These funds will be a one-time distribution of $38,000,000 total between all grantees. We appreciate your interest.

The initial application deadline (LOI) was June 24, 2016; the deadline for a full application, from those who were invited to the second stage (RFP), was September 2, 2016. No further applications are being accepted.

The Advisory Committee, after reviewing all the completed applications, met and provided recommendations to Class Counsel. Although Class Counsel are due to submit the recommendations to the Court by October 17, 2016, because an appeal was filed objecting to the District Court’s modification of the Settlement Agreement, we do not anticipate that the Court will rule on the recommendations or distribute the funds prior to the appeal being resolved, which we hope will be in the spring of 2017.

Because the Court cannot act on the recommendations while the appeal is pending, Class Counsel are submitting the recommendations to the Court “under seal.” Given the uncertainty surrounding whether these recommendations will ever be implemented, we do not want to have information circulating that could give a false impression of an imminent award and thus affect other potential sources of funding for the organizations recommended to receive funds. Nor would we want any organization to be disadvantaged in seeking funds for a project simply because the Advisory Committee and Class Counsel did not recommend it for funding.

If the appeal is successfully resolved, we will ask the Court to unseal the recommendations submitted on October 17, 2016, and will promptly notify the applicants of the recommendation. Once the Court makes a final decision on the recommendations, we will post on this website about the awards made.

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