Native American Agriculture Fast Track Fund (NAAFTF)

Welcome to the application process to seek grant funding for the one-time cy pres distribution from the Keepseagle v. Vilsack Settlement Agreement also known as the Native American Agriculture Fast Track Fund (NAAFTF). These funds will be a one-time distribution of $38,000,000 total between all grantees. We appreciate your interest.

The initial application deadline (LOI) was June 24, 2016; the deadline for a full application, from those who were invited to the second stage (RFP), was September 2, 2016. No further applications are being accepted.

The Advisory Committee, after reviewing all the completed applications, met and provided recommendations to Class Counsel. Although Class Counsel submitted the recommendations to the Court on October 17, 2016, because an appeal was filed objecting to the District Court’s modification of the Settlement Agreement, the recommendations were submitted “under seal,” since the Court could not act prior to resolution of the appeals.

The Supreme Court has denied further review.


The District Court approved the recommendations for fasttrack funding. A copy of the Court’s opinion is here. A copy of the Court’s Order is here.

Click here to view a list of projects that received funding.

Please note, if you would like further information about the activities of the Native American Agriculture Fund, their website is As previously noted, the Trust Agreement approved by the Court does not permit the NAAF to make grants or loans to individuals. They can only award funds to not-for-profit or tribal organizations. Those organizations can use funds to make low interest loans or grants as part of their activities.

If you are a recipient of NAAFTF (“fast track”) funding, and have questions about your reporting obligations, please contact NAAF via:

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